Wedding inspo photos and how to get them

We all love a good Pinterest pinathon, or maybe some mindless scroll on TikTok – especially when planning a wedding. All of which are depicted via beautiful photographs that you’d love to recreate on your day. These all come down to a culmination of details. The big three being: The venue, the time of year and your photographer.

Kingston-upon-Thames Guildhall Megan's Restaurant Wedding Photography
Kingston-upon-Thames Guildhall Megan’s Restaurant Wedding Photography

Let’s start with the first two – venue and time of year you choose for your wedding can have a significant effect on the style and look of your wedding photos. Having documented weddings at a variety of locations and season I’ve seen first-hand how important these factors are in creating images and memories that are inspired by your vision.

If you’re looking at a light and airy vibe, then your venue needs to reflect that. Big windows, light woods and open spaces are going to contribute to this look. While you may be loving a barn venue, make sure it’s a big open space with plenty of natural light, low ceilings and small windows are going to give you a more cosy, warmer look to your images. If you’re checking out a hotel or cosy pub venue, keep in mind that it’ll be more suited to a richer, slightly darker edit and tone to your day.

So let’s talk about light and timing, the closer your ceremony is to sunset vastly changes your timeline and photos. While the light may be warmer and golden you will have a shorter amount of daylight available for group shots and couples portraits – depending on your needs and guest list, keep that in mind. Also Longer summer days mean high sun, harsher light but more opportunities for brighter, vibrant images. Moving into autumn the sun is lower, days are shorter – this can bring amazing opportunities for golden hour and beautiful, colourful foliage – which can be perfect for a warm look and feel to your wedding. Barns particularly shine at this time of year. Then we come to winter, shorter days, less light available – the light can be cooler in tone, but if you chose the right venue – a beautiful old house, a cosy pub or hotel – decorated with jewel tones, the warmth of fire places, fairy lights and candlelit moments your photos can take on a wonderful rich, winter vibe.

Not to mention, the decor of your chosen venue can also greatly impact the overall vibe of your photos. A whimsical, outdoor setting may lend itself to light-hearted and playful images, while a grand ballroom could evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Furthermore, don’t underestimate the power of your photographer’s editing style. Whether you prefer a bright and airy look or a more moody and dramatic aesthetic, it’s important to find a photographer whose editing style aligns with your vision.

Lastly, if you’ve curated a Pinterest board for photo inspiration, it’s essential that your entire wedding look and vibe aligns with the images you’ve saved. From your choice of dress and flowers to the overall colour scheme, consistency is key in achieving those dreamy Pinterest-worthy shots.

Barton on Sea Hampshire Wedding Photography by Becky

So, as you plan your big day, consider these factors and remember, every element of your wedding plays a role in creating the perfect wedding photos. Happy planning!

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