Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question answered below, head on over to my contact page and I'll be happy to help you out!

Can you give me an idea of how each package works?

  • Small Ceremony, Elopement/Micro Weddings: Arrival, Ceremony and Formals.
  • 8 hours – Bridal prep, Groom/Groomsmen before the ceremony, Ceremony, Formal Shots and start of reception OR Ceremony up to First Dance.
  • 12 hours: Full day coverage, as 8 hours including first dance and evening reception, up to 10.00pm.
  • Each package is for continuous coverage for the time allotted.

How do we secure our date?

A 25% Booking Fee secures your date in my diary,

Full payment 1 month before Wedding date. Payment of the balance can be made at any time.

Please note: dates are not secured until the booking fee is paid.

How will we recieve our images?

High resolution edited jpegs will be supplied online via a shareable gallery and USB Stick if applicable to your package. Access to your gallery lasts for one year it is your responsibility to download and back up your images. While I keep back ups, they are not always readily accessible.

RAW files will not be supplied under any circumstance.

I know you favour a documentary style, but can we have group photos?

Yes I do! Even though you don't see many on my site. However, my style is primarily candid. I suggest limiting group shots to a maximum of 10 - not only do group shots take time, they take time out of your valuable day and guests can get a bit antsy!

You'll receive a pre-wedding questionnaire to choose your group shots. Please be aware group photos take a lot of time and can eat into valuable cocktail and couple's portrait time. Why not opt for a few main shots, family, wedding posse, besties…. then we can take fun group photos of everyone else as the day unfolds in a more relaxed, fun, natural style!

How many images will we get?

I don't like to limit my coverage to a number, every Wedding is different and I like to capture everything from the shot list as well as those candid moments that unfold. From full day coverage a minimum of 400 photos isn't unusual. But do bear in mind this can change depending on the amount of guests and how many group and portrait shots you have planned.

We don't want a pre-wedding shoot, can we have a discount?

The Engagement/Family/Pre-Wedding Shoot is a complimentary bonus when you book a full-day package. The cost of which cannot be deducted if you decide not to use it. It can also be taken up to 3 months after the wedding as a Family shoot if required – pets absolutely count as family! bonus points for any dogs brought to weddings/shoots.

Do we need to feed you?

Yes please. For full-day bookings I do ask that I am supplied with a vendor meal. As you know, Wedding days are long, from prep to reception is almost a full day in itself. Being properly fueled for and during the day is vital for keeping energy levels topped up.

I do, however follow a Vegan lifestyle, if you're unable to offer me a plant-based meal please let me know in advance so I can plan accordingly, this may mean leaving the venue. I will take my main meal break during your meal – no one likes having their photo taking while scoffing down on something delicious! This also gives me time to check over the rest of the schedule for the day and swap out batteries and do other not-so-interesting behind-the-scenes things. If you are having speeches during the meal please let me know so I can work my break times around this. I always appreciate being fed and watered.

Do your packages included travel?

All packages include travel within 2 hours of BH25. Full-day weddings 2 hours or more away will incur a minimum surcharge of £200 for accommodation/travel.

Do you accept credit cards?

No, sorry. I accept payment by Bank Transfer only. Your booking fee is only 25% of the total invoice. The balance needs to cleared 1 month before your date, otherwise photos will not be delivered until payment is complete.

Can you please "Photoshop" / "Facetune" our photos?

In short, no.

I do not “facetune”, “slim down” or “Photoshop” my photos. Retouching is limited to temporary blemishes. Image manipulation (often referred to as ‘Photoshopping') – including but not limited to body sculpting, reshaping – is not included. My documentary style of photography and editing is capturing the memories and moments as they happen, in true-to-life colour and glory. You will pull a face when you laugh, or look a certain way, but that's who you are and it is wonderful and it is why the person you're marrying loves you.

What gear do you use?

I'm a Nikon girl. I shoot with a mirrorless full frame set up and a variety of lenses, prime and zoom, lighting, including back up equipment that I always bring with me. My cameras shoot to two card slots for real-time back ups and I back up your photos to an external hard drive as soon as I get home/to my hotel.

I am fully insured and have public liability cover up to £5,000,000. I am also triple vaccinated against Covid-19.

What happens if you're sick/unable to attend?!

Rest assured I will always do everything in my power to attend your wedding day.

However, if the unthinkable should happen be it illness or personal circumstances I am part of a network of amazing local and national photographers who I can call on to jump in and be my eyes for the day!  They'll then supply me with the images and I will edit them in my style.