Your wedding, your way – and why you should do whatever the hell you want!

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Planning your wedding is a wonderful way of bringing your families and friends together… but it can also be difficult to navigate the myriad people’s opinions! Especially if you want to go a “non-traditional” route. All of this while trying to honour your relationship and the things that make you both so uniquely wonderfully yourselves!

However, how many people have you heard being pressured by family to go in a direction they don’t want? How often have you heard of people compromising on their special day?

REMEMBER your special day is about you and your partner, whilst it is nice to let others have a say, if you something doesn’t feel like YOU speak up!

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It’s important to remember that friends and family that truly love and respect you will want to share in the happiness of your big day. They should be in your corner, on your side – they’ll want you to be excited and not dreading the event – trusts me, if you’re not happy or feel uncomfortable it’ll show in your photos.

Do you want your hard earned money to go on a meal for people you haven’t seen in decades, or do you even want a sit down meal? If you want an epic buffet or street food caterer that you KNOW everyone will actually appreciate, then go and book it!

Meeting a couple that aren’t excited about their special day (trust me it happens) is heart breaking, I want my couples to have a fun, joy-filled day and I will ALWAYS advocate for your best interests and ideas for the day. If you have a question I’m always here to act as a sounding board.

The mountain of expectation and stress can really tarnish what should be one of the happiest days of their lives. A day of celebration, cementing your relationship with your partner, a day about you two – not a random family or friend’s misguided opinions. While not everyone will agree with your decisions, they should respect them if they truly appreciate you!

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What do you actually want to do?

🖤 Want to wear a black wedding dress, because that’s your vibe?! Do it!

🤘🏻 Heavy metal at your after party? Rock on!

☕ Get married by a wishing well and have afternoon tea after?!

🔥 Rock a suit instead of a dress?

🍔 Vegan burger bar? Heck yes!

🚲 Have a bike convoy as your wedding transport – plus sustainability points!

🎃 Cosy autumnal theme, followed by pumpkin picking? I’m here for it!

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You guessed, these are some of the wonderful things my couples have done this year.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to look back on your wedding day and wish you’d done more, or made changes? Or look back on the day full of happy memories and no regrets.

I’d love to know how you bucked the trend and made your day your own, what personal touches did you add?

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