Consider an unplugged wedding…

If that seems like a lot, at least an unplugged ceremony. Not only is it a wonderful opportunity for your guests to switch off (pun intended), it allows them to be present in the moment, to fully embrace and be a part of your special day. From my point of view it means I have the best chance of getting unobscured shots of you both – the reason you hired me!
It’s tough to get those beautiful candids and the pivitol ceremony moments, that can happen in an instant, if I’m dodging mobile phones and cameras. I know how hard is is to put down our tech, we all want to capture every second of these beautiful events.

Rest assured that’s why I’m there, to capture your guests joy and emotion – not their phone screen.

Top tip: You can ask your Registrar/Celebrant to inform guests that you would like them to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony, you can also leave subtle hints with some cute signage as you enter the ceremony area.

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